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Toothpaste filling and sealing machine

B-GFN30 filling and sealing machine is widely used in the filling of toothpaste, hand cream

Product Details

B-GFN30 Filling and Sealing Machine

Our company produces a variety of hose filling and sealing machine models, which are mainly divided into automatic and semi-automatic. Customers can choose different machine models according to different speed requirements.


1. Automatically load the tube, match the color mark, and exit the tube.

2. Hot air heating adopts imported hot air head, which only heats the inner wall of the tube, does not damage the outer wall pattern of the hose, and has a beautiful end seal.

3. Automatically adjust the filling volume, no pipe, no filling, PLC control, touch screen operation.

4. Equipped with plexiglass dust cover.

5. Special-shaped tail sealing (optional)

6. Anti-drawing or dripping filling head (optional)

7. Storage tank liquid level control alarm system, automatic feeding (optional)

8. Storage tank with stirring (optional)

9. With heating storage barrel (optional)

Power Supply380V/50Hz
Gas source0.6-0.8MPa
Air consumption<0.6m3/min
Filling volume10-50ml50-100ml
Filling accuracy≤±5≤±3≤±2

Production speed

Tube diameter16-50mm
Machine size1000×750×1500mm

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