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Liquid Filling Machine

This model is suitable for industries such as hair chemical, toothpaste, medicine cream, food, shoe polish and viscose.

Product Details

According to the needs of customers, this model can realize dual-purpose filling of liquid materials and cream materials through special design and use of special filling devices. This model can be used independently, and can also be combined with automatic packaging machines and other equipment to form a production line.


1. Manual loading, automatic color matching, and automatic dispensing.

2. The hot air is heated inside, and the hot air is heated from the inner wall of the tube, which does not damage the surface organization of the hose, and the end sealing is beautiful, especially suitable for the end sealing of the all-plastic packaging tube.

3. Automatically adjust the filling volume, no pipe, no filling, PLC control, electrical button operation.

4. Touch screen (optional)

5. Special-shaped tail sealing (optional)

6. Anti-drawing or anti-drip filling head (optional)

7. Storage tank liquid level control alarm system, automatic feeding (optional)

8. Storage tank with stirring (optional)

9. With heating storage barrel (optional)

  Power Supply380(220)V/50Hz
  Air Consumption ≤0.6 m³/min
  Filling volume15-60ml60-120ml120-200ml
  Metering precision±1%±1%±1%
  Max.Production capacity25-30支pcs/分min
  Tube sizeф16-ф50mm

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