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Homogenizer Emulsifier

High-speed ceramic ultra-fine homogeneous emulsifier, which adopts the principle of high-speed shearing without gaps, makes the material uniform and refined, and the particle size reaches 0.5μ.

Product Details

High-speed ceramic ultrafine homogeneous emulsifier

Since the stator and rotor of the equipment are inlaid with high-hardness special ceramic blades, it cuts and pulverizes the material at a shearing speed of more than 1 million to 2 million per minute. The unique fluid motion high design turns the material into ultra-fine micron powder.

It is of great significance to save raw materials, reduce costs and improve product quality. This product is especially suitable for use in medicine, cosmetics, dyes, food and other fields.

The machine has basically no wear and tear during use, and can ensure accuracy even if it is used for a long time. These advantages are unmatched by ordinary stainless steel homogenizers.

The company can manufacture all kinds of equipment for production and laboratory use according to the needs of manufacturers, including vertical, horizontal, pipeline, multi-stage and other flow and capacity units, which can meet the needs of various companies for wet high-fine grinding. needs of the field.


1. The ultra-high 050000CPS. The above emulsification is fully stirred and uniform, and the diameter of the emulsified particles can reach 2-5μm.

2. Vacuum suction, high production frequency, simple and reliable operation.

3. This machine can be used for heating, melting, vacuuming, homogeneous cooling, and consistent operation.

4. Made of stainless steel, vacuum stirring is hygienic and sterile.

5. Easy to clean.

6. The newly developed ceramic interstitial high-cut homogenizing emulsifier can make the material particle diameter reach 0.5μm.

typePower(KW)Rotating speed(rpm)GraininessThroughput

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