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External heat filling and sealing machine

The hose filling and sealing machine is an external heating and sealing model

Product Details

B.GF-J Filling and Sealing Machine

Its main functions include:

1. Manual release, automatic color mark matching and automatic automatic release;

2. In the form of external heat, it is suitable for filling and sealing the aluminum-plastic composite hose, and the time for changing the mold is short.

3. The mechanical piston type adjusts the filling volume, the filling volume is accurate, no matter if there is no tube, and the tube is automatically dropped.

4. Organic dust-proof glass cover (optional)

5. Anti-drawing or plugging filling head (optional)

6. Storage bucket with stirring and heating; (optional)

Power Supply380(220)V/50HZ
Air Consumption≤0.6m³/min
Filling volume15-60ml/60-120ml/120-200ml
Filling accuracy1%more or less
Max.Production capacity25-30pcs/min
Tube diameterDiameter 16-50mm

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