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Hose injector

The hose injection machine is mainly used for the injection molding production of the shoulder of the packaging hose.

Product Details

The B.GLS-III type injection head machine produced by our company has fast production speed, high degree of automaticity, stable performance and no pollution in the production process. It can create higher benefits for the majority of hose manufacturers and daily chemical product manufacturers.

Compared with other models at home and abroad, our company's automatic head injection machine has the following advantages:

1. All actions of the hose injection machine are controlled by PLC servo, with low pneumatic requirements and stable operation.

2. Integrating water and electricity, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation, automatic fault alarm, no three wastes.

3. Using a full mold mold, the hose shoulders are seamless, and the appearance is beautiful and firm.

4. The key parts such as the turntable are mainly made of manganese-magnesium alloy, which is light and firm in texture, which is conducive to the long-term operation of the machine.

5. The main parts of the machine are imported from abroad.

This hose head injection machine mainly includes: precision gap indexing operation mechanism, automatic tube loading mechanism, quantitative plastic injection mechanism, mold clamping and forming mechanism, mold release separation mechanism, automatic pipe unloading mechanism, automatic feeding mechanism, buffer storage box Wait.

Power Supply380V/50Hz
Inlet air pressure≥6Bar
Air Consumption ≥0.5m3
Production pipe diameterD19-50mm 
Production tube length55-200mm
Max. Production capacity60branch/min

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