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Automatic shoulder injection machine

B.ZJ-I automatic shoulder injection machine is a high-tech new type of hose shoulder injection machine independently developed by our company.

Product Details

B.ZJ-I type automatic shoulder injection machine

All actions of this type of shoulder injection machine are controlled by large-scale PL.C intelligent control touch screen man-machine operation, integrating machine, electricity and gas, with high production efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation, automatic fault alarm, stable performance, no three wastes Etc. By injection, spit, extrusion and welding, the plastic shoulder can be injected into the aluminum-plastic composite pipe and plastic pipe. The shoulders produced are seamless, beautiful in appearance and firm. This machine can be matched with the B.GLS-II composite hose pipe-making machine produced by our company to form a fully automatic pipe-making production line, and can also be matched with other pipe-making machines to produce plastic hoses. Compared with the shoulder injection machine used in China today, this machine has the characteristics of high utilization rate of materials, labor intensity and safety in use.

This machine mainly includes: full servo operation mechanism, automatic pipe feeding mechanism, quantitative injection mechanism, mold clamping and forming mechanism, mold release and separation mechanism, automatic pipe unloading mechanism, automatic feeding mechanism, etc.

  Power Supply380V/50Hz
  Air Pressure≥6bar
  Air Consumption≥0.5m3
  Tube DiameterФ19-Ф50mm
  Tube Length55-200mm
  Max.production capacity<60pcs/min

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