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Basic structure and cleaning of filling and sealing machine

Author: Click:47 Release time:2022-07-19

The filling and sealing machine should clean the surface of the machine table, the bottom plate and the double rocker of the upper mold, the pipe groove, the pins in the lower mold and the correct positioning rod (the power must be cut off to repair the normal temperature). The position of the transmission system, such as the upper mold double seesaw, the pressure rod rolling bearing, the rack and the positioning pin, the slide rail, etc., should be added with unsalted butter. Ensure equipment performance metrics on time. The method of clearing the tooth knife: first use a cotton ball to plug the 2 drain holes of the lower mold, pour the boiling water into the pipe groove of the upper mold, fill the double rocker of the upper mold, and send it to the double rocker of the upper mold in time, and press the bottom. Die, soak the tooth knife for several minutes until the removal cut-off, and continue for several times.

The filling and sealing machine is composed of a cleaning part and a glueing part, and its characteristics depend on the above-mentioned cleaning part consisting of nine parts. The transmission chain is connected with the rotating and shaking mechanical equipment of the transmission gear and its follow-up sleeve. An L-shaped support bar is placed in the rotating and shaking structure of the transmission gear. The type sprocket chain produces a ring-shaped sprocket chain, on which the bottle-bowl drive chain is set to turn over the subjective factor, the filling and sealing mechanism of the above-mentioned glue part is connected with the transmission factor according to the transmission belt, and the pressing mechanism and the turning mechanism depend on the rotation. The cap sealing arm structure is assembled in the upper support frame, the capping machine and the automatic sealing machine are assembled in the upper support frame by the capping sealing arm structure, and the bottle feeding organization is placed on the feeding bottle swing rod. An anti-backward wedge groove is set up on both sides of the pendulum rod, and the automatic cover release mechanism is placed above the support frame. The reducer and the motor are assembled into a group, which is connected with the subjective factors. The bottle channel support plate lifting system is placed on the lower support frame. A bottle lift support frame is set on it at equal intervals, the bottle transport channel is built above the bottle lift support frame, and the bottle is placed on the bottle transport channel, close to the bottle feeding pendulum.

After the filling and sealing machine is used, it is also necessary to pay attention to its maintenance. When disassembling the piston rod and the fixed screw, it is necessary to remove the fixed screw during maintenance, so as to prevent damage to the processing technology of the other when dismantling one. Regulation. Before cleaning the piston machine filling and sealing machine, the remaining product inside should be removed, and then the barrel should be filled with a mild cleaning solution. The cylinder has been lubricated in the original factory, please do not open or add any grease to ensure the daily cleaning of the surface of the sealing machine, and turn off the power when it is not working. In addition, in addition to persistent maintenance and proper application of the filling and sealing machine, inspection and adjustment should be carried out on time. Only in this way can the sealing machine work in a healthy and healthy way.

The automatic filling and sealing machine is different from the automatic sealing machine, that is, the small and medium-sized sealing machine with manpower. The fully automatic canning is also fully automatic. Only the subsequent capping and boxing stage is carried out by manpower, and the automatic sealing is performed by manpower. The key function of the tailing machine is canning, and there are few additional functions. Unlike the automatic filling and sealing machine, it can attach a conveyor belt, a capping machine, a marking machine, a boxing machine, and a fully automatic box sealing machine. Machines and other attached machinery and equipment.

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