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Common problems and solutions of automatic capping machines

Author: Click:63 Release time:2021-02-22

With the gradual strictness of our packaging and the continuous change of packaging, we have also clearly put forward higher requirements for the capping machine, and the working pressure of the capping machine is strict. Caps, to automatic capping of mechanical equipment, high, medium and low gears and other products of different levels, to meet the customer satisfaction of different capping. Screw caps on glass bottles of different materials.

Pursue the perfect stability of machinery and equipment, and develop the automation technology level of machinery and equipment, so that our capping ability can serve everyone more. Increase the trouble-free control time of our machinery and equipment. Make our capping machines more widely used on the strip packaging line. When you buy a capping machine, you choose a large manufacturer, and you are optimistic about the quality of the product.

Today, I summarize 4 common problems and solutions of automatic capping machines for everyone:

1. The ineffectiveness of the control switch caused by the drift of the toggle switch or the photoelectric switch during operation, such a common fault can adjust the working part of the power switch or the photoelectric switch, or replace the power switch.

2. Electric stage windings and short circuit faults of the casing and the running current caused by the short circuit faults of electrical wiring and wire connectors. This common fault can detect the motor on the one hand, and check whether the relevant wires are loose on the other hand.

3. The acceleration time setting of the capping machine is too short and the high-voltage electric shock volume exceeds the soft starter volume. The common fault of the overcurrent during acceleration can increase the F001 value setting time moderately, and the electric idea cannot be changed casually. volume.

4. The working voltage is too high during the operation caused by the excessive change of the power supply voltage, which can be easily dealt with by adding a series reactor to the switching power supply, or by reducing the power supply voltage moderately.

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