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Nanjing Expo here we come

Author: Click:252 Release time:2021-05-09

On October 15, 2020, our company participated in the 85th Nanjing International Pharmaceutical (Industry) Expo - Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Expo. During the exhibition, our employees actively showed high-speed ultra-fine uniform ceramic machines to major pharmaceutical factories, especially ointment manufacturers. Due to its unique ceramic homogenizing head, the machine can process materials to a high degree of fineness, and has been unanimously recognized by ointment manufacturers.

In addition, our sales staff also communicate with potential customers in the ointment industry, answer customers' questions, and establish preliminary business relationships.

At the same time, our employees took the opportunity of this exhibition to fully understand the application of packaging machinery in the pharmaceutical industry, investigate customer needs, absorb advanced industry knowledge and technology, and manufacture machinery and equipment for our hoses, filling and sealing machines for our company. , homogenizers and other products have provided valuable technical ideas for upgrading.

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