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Composite plastic hose production equipment, the fusion of innovation and technology

Author: Click:316 Release time:2021-05-09

When it comes to plastic-wrapped hoses, we might wonder. "What is a plastic hose?" Maybe we are still relatively unfamiliar with this term, but when it comes to toothpaste, hand cream, these indispensable daily chemical products in life, it is certainly not unfamiliar. The packaging of such toothpaste and cosmetic paste is usually packaged in plastic tubes. Moreover, the production equipment of these toothpaste tubes and cosmetic tubes are all mechanical products produced by our company for many years.

Sanhuai Company is a pioneer enterprise in the production of plastic packaging hoses in China, with more than 20 years of experience in hose production. Today, the rapid development of the domestic economy and the increasing demand for packaging plastic hoses in the international market have spawned a large number of manufacturers of packaging hose machinery. Competition in domestic and foreign markets is also becoming increasingly fierce. When companies deal with competition, they deeply realize that only innovation can achieve long-term development; only innovation can adapt to the requirements of the times and seize advantages in competition. Therefore, over the years, Sanhuai has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to learn advanced electrical technology experience at home and abroad, investigate domestic and foreign market demands, and develop new product fields. Therefore, with profound technical background and good market insight, the company has successfully developed and produced secondary composite plastic hose production equipment, and will put it into commercial production in the future to meet the domestic and international market demand for secondary composite plastic hoses. Market demand.

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