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How should we choose the packaging hose production line?

Author: Click:320 Release time:2021-05-09

In the early 1990s, hoses were gradually applied to the packaging fields of toothpaste, cosmetics, pharmaceutical hoses, etc. The packaging of these products are usually plastic hoses. Various business opportunities have followed, and major domestic packaging product manufacturers have purchased packaging hose production lines, and many manufacturers have even established independent packaging hose manufacturers. Many of them actually don't know much about plastic packaging hoses, and at the initial enquiry stage they don't know what kind of packaging hoses they want to produce.

According to different materials, it can be divided into aluminum-plastic composite hose, all-plastic composite hose, co-extruded plastic hose, all-aluminum pipe, paper-plastic pipe, PVC pipe, silicone pipe, etc.

Although there are many types of hoses, customers can decide which type of hose to produce based on specific market needs.

If the majority of customers are cosmetic manufacturers, the best choice is an all-plastic hose or a plastic co-extrusion hose production line. Since the all-plastic composite hose, or co-extruded hose, has good resilience, softness and good hand feeling, it is more suitable for the cosmetic industry.

However, if the customer is a manufacturer of toothpaste, it is appropriate to choose an aluminum-plastic composite hose production line. Since the aluminum-plastic composite hose has good insulating properties and is not easy to rebound, when the toothpaste is unpacked, the hose has strong plasticity and is kept in a squeezed state to prevent air from entering the hose and reacting with the paste.

If the customers are mostly pharmaceutical factories and the demand for ointment hoses is large, the aluminum tube production line is recommended. The aluminum tube has good isolation properties and is a very suitable tube for ointment packaging.

Based on our company's many years of production and sales experience, among many packaging hoses, aluminum-plastic and all-plastic composite packaging hoses are in great demand. And this production line requires less machines and lower cost, which is suitable for initial production.

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