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The automatic high-speed hose injection machine was successfully developed. 120 sticks/min

Author: Click:291 Release time:2021-05-09

After 3 years of research, development and adjustment, our company is now selling a high-speed automatic hose injection machine with a speed of 120 pieces! It can be connected with all-plastic PE extrusion hose production machinery or composite plastic hose pipe making machine, hose capping and aluminum foil sealing machine to form a fully automatic production line.

Compared with other similar models at home and abroad, the high-speed injection machine produced by our company has the following advantages

Fast speed: up to 120 pieces per minute.

This model is cost-effective and brings high economic benefits to hose manufacturers.

Simple operation and low failure rate. Compared with other automatic shoulder injection machines at home and abroad, this high-speed shoulder injection machine of our company completes production with fewer movements, has a lower failure rate, and has very stable performance.

Changing molds is faster and less time consuming! Compared to other machines, changing the die action takes several hours. This high-speed tipping machine takes less than an hour.

The amount of plastic spit out is correct and stable.

As soon as the model was launched, it was welcomed by major hose companies, and they visited the company's inquiry orders one by one, and the social response was good. Welcome major hose manufacturers and comrades who want to produce packaging hoses to consult!

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