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All plastic hose extrusion machine

This model is widely used in cosmetics, toothpaste, pharmaceutical creams, food, shoe polish and viscose and other industries.

Product Details

B.JG-II Two-layer all-plastic hose extrusion machine

According to the needs of customers, this model can realize dual-purpose filling of liquid materials and cream materials through special design and use of special filling devices. This model can be used alone, or combined with automatic packaging machines and other equipment to form a production line.


1. Double-layer co-extruded hose can save material cost (use example: pearlescent + PE/PE color masterbatch);

2. For different materials, the two temperatures can be controlled separately, which is convenient for operation, and the fluidity and solubility of the materials can be obtained;

3. The color tube extruded by the double-layer machine is more uniform and beautiful than the single-layer tube.

Screw diameter(inner layer)45mm,15HP
Screw diameter(外层)40mm,10HP
Screw aspect ratio(内层)
Screw aspect ratio(外层)
Screw typefully open
Water consumption40L/min, 5- 10C
Energy used66KW
Extrusion line speed8m/min(m/min)
Cut off speed100pcs/min
Applicable caliber19-60mm
Mechanical Dimensions6500×4000×2100mm
Weightabout 3240kg

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