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How should we choose the tube filling and sealing machine?

Author: Click:353 Release time:2022-07-19

When purchasing equipment, first of all, according to the production capacity of the existing production line, select the matching stable and safe rubber tube filling and sealing machine equipment; secondly, for enterprises with small output and many specifications, pay attention to whether it is convenient to change and adjust specifications. , save time; third, the equipment needs maintenance, whether it is convenient to replace parts, and whether the after-sales service is in place, these are important factors that enterprises should pay attention to when purchasing equipment.

Judging from the formulation of industry standards, in some fields, the technical requirements for hose perfusion end-sealing equipment are getting higher and higher. There are specialized departments abroad to conduct safety inspections on equipment. Security, including operational security and the security of the equipment itself, is also increasingly important in China. With the development of science and technology, the price factor should also be fully considered, and research on some cost-reducing products can better meet the needs of users.

The filling accuracy, sealing strength and aesthetics of the equipment, as well as the safety of the equipment are the keys to choosing a filling and sealing machine. The water pressure gauge can detect whether the sealing strength meets the production requirements. In terms of safety, a safety gate can be set so that the equipment can automatically stop running when the safety gate is opened during the operation. At the same time, we should also strengthen the education and training of workshop personnel, strengthen after-sales service, and ensure sufficient spare parts.

This machine is a highly automated equipment for filling and sealing paste-like materials into tubular metal hoses or composite hoses. Using the new stainless steel butterfly valve metering pump that meets the requirements of GMP, with screw fine-tuning mechanism, accurate measurement, PLC programmable controller and photoelectric marker, accurate and reliable positioning of the sign, the positioning of the frequency conversion speed regulation, indexing and re-opening mechanism adopts international Advanced folding and sealing mechanism.

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