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Discuss the difference between the three filling methods of the filling and sealing machine

Author: Click:385 Release time:2022-07-19

The filling and sealing machine is suitable for the production and processing of fluids, pastes, thick bodies and other products. The canning methods include atmospheric pressure, negative pressure, and pressure, which are applicable to different product standards.

1. Atmospheric pressure canning method

This type generally raises the storage tank to increase the pressure. Canning is carried out with its own body weight as the driving force, and it is suitable for the production and processing of milk, grape wine and other products with good fluidity and low consistency.

2. Negative pressure canning method

This type needs to make the pressure in the bottle less than the atmospheric pressure, and then carry out the filling and canning of the product according to the basic principle of air pressure balance. This type of filling and sealing machine is generally simple in structure, but the components are well combined and sealed, and there is no major standard for the consistency of materials. It can complete the production and processing of syrups, oils, sauces and other products.

3. Pressure canning method

This type of canning is carried out under conditions of higher than atmospheric pressure. The other type is to use the pressure in the storage tank to be equal to the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid material flows into the bottle by its own weight, also known as isobaric canning. In addition, a booster piston is added to the top of the storage tank to assist in the completion of production and processing. Common canned products include beer, champagne, and gas drinks.

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