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What are the benefits of using a vacuum emulsifier?

Author: Click:51 Release time:2022-07-19

1. Reduce consumption and sanitation

The vacuum emulsifier is equipped with a scraper or non-stick coating made of PTFE. The raw material is easy to clean, does not easily dissolve all organic solvents, and can withstand high temperatures. The scraper collects raw material waste that can be collected without interrupting the process.

2. Reduce the introduction of gas

All mixers produce a closed loop control, which means that it avoids unnecessary gas entry into the system software. Because essentially no gas enters the system software, it is possible to avoid the creation of air pockets or bubbles in the liquid state, thereby preventing leaf damage. This increases the useful life of the vacuum pump emulsifier.

3. Scalability

Its comprehensive pump and solution system software is dedicated to taking reasonable metrology verification, solution and analysis limits.

Want to know the operation steps of the vacuum emulsifier manufacturer

Vacuum emulsifiers are used in food, chemical plants, biomedicine, skin care products and other fields. They are more and more effective in the production and manufacturing of the expanding sales market. People are increasingly interacting with this equipment and mastering its work. The content seems to be very necessary. The actual production process of the vacuum emulsifier is described in detail below.

Vacuum emulsifier

1. During the whole working process, under the effect of centripetal force caused by the rotating motor rotor, the raw materials in the vessel are radially sucked into the working middle cavity from the feeding area of the working middle head.

2. The raw material is

3. After the vacuum emulsifier is in the group work, the raw material enters the second stator and rotor working area from the effect of the second group rotor centripetal force; once again goes through the stator and rotor double layers, aggregation, and uniform cutting functions. Then, it spews out from the axial direction, and under the effect of the centripetal force of the third group of rotors, it enters the working area of the third group of stators and rotors to carry out the whole process of dispersing and homogenizing the emulsion. After the three sets of stator and rotor of the vacuum emulsifier are successively solved, the raw materials can be uniformly solved in a short period of time, and the whole process of dispersion, emulsion and homogenization is carried out.

The vacuum emulsifier is composed of storage tanks, stirring equipment and intermittent high-shear black anti-static tweezers or high-shear black anti-static tweezers. The bar stirring device is composed of a scraper that scrapes the wall near the bar stirring device. The function of the scraper is to make the inner cavity of the vessel and the raw material continue to create new pages without leaving any blind spots.

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