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Introduction to the working principle of high-speed emulsifier

Author: Click:114 Release time:2022-07-20

The emulsifier is to shear, disperse and impact the material through the high-speed rotation of the homogenizer head connected to the engine. In this way, the material will become more delicate, and the oil and water will be melted. It is widely used in cosmetics, shower gels, sunscreen creams, and many other cream products that use emulsifiers. Sauce, juice, etc. in the food industry. Ointments in the pharmaceutical industry. Emulsifiers are used in petrochemicals, paints and inks, etc.

High-speed emulsifier, mainly used for the production of micro-emulsion and ultra-fine suspension. Because the three sets of dispersing heads (stator + rotor) in the working chamber work at the same time, after the emulsion is subjected to high shear, the droplets are finer and the particle size distribution is narrower, so the resulting mixed liquid has better stability. All three sets of dispersing heads are easy to replace and suitable for different process applications. The different models in the series all have the same line speed and shear rate, making it very easy to scale up production. Appropriate temperature, pressure and viscosity parameters are the same as DISPERSING. It also complies with CIP/SIP cleaning standards and is suitable for food and pharmaceutical production.

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