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What are the functional requirements for cosmetic hoses?

Author: Click:223 Release time:2022-07-20

With the rapid development of the global economy, the markets of various countries, especially in densely populated areas, have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. For cosmetics, the level of packaging quality directly affects the competitiveness of the product in the market, the shelf life of the product, and the transportation of the product. Therefore, various cosmetic manufacturers attach great importance to the quality of cosmetic tubes. So, what functional requirements do we have for cosmetic hoses?

1. Barrier performance

The primary function of a cosmetic tube is to protect the contents. Some fragrances and other ingredients contained in cosmetics are very easy to penetrate and volatilize, and some ingredients are also corrosive, which will destroy the interlayer structure of plastic hoses; secondly, compared with aluminum hoses, plastic hoses have lower density and air Oxygen and water vapor in the product may enter the tube, causing oxidative deterioration of cosmetics. Therefore, the barrier performance of the cosmetic tube is very important, which directly affects the quality and shelf life of the cosmetic.

2. Mechanical protection performance

After the cosmetics are produced and packaged, they face various challenges such as transportation, shelf display, and customer storage. Its mechanical protection performance means that the cosmetics will not burst or leak during the later transportation and use, and have good pressure resistance and airtightness.

3. Beautiful appearance

The appearance of the hose should be round, complete, free of scratches, uniform in thickness, and free from cold explosions, cracks and deformations. And the printing should be exquisite, which can attract consumers, especially the consumer groups that are mainly female.

Sanhuai has been deeply involved in the hose machinery industry for many years, and the five-layer PE hose extruder produced is a very good cosmetic hose machine. Because the PE hose produced by the five-layer hose extruder has an EVOH insulating layer, the insulating layer has good barrier properties, and can effectively block oxygen and moisture in the air from the outside of the hose to prevent cosmetic deterioration; And the barrier layer can also prevent the volatilization of essential oils, essences and other active ingredients in the cosmetic tube, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the cosmetic. In addition, our company produces tube printing machine, which adopts 360-degree transfer technology, and the printing effect is exquisite, which is a good choice for cosmetic tube printing.

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